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CHAPTERS                                               MID SUMMER-SETTLING IN-Day-9
 I've just posted another update of my story and it's ready to publish.


                                                    MID SUMMER-SETTLING IN-Day-8

I've just posted the newest update for my story about the Jankowskys getting their tents and planning to start building the house.

                                               MID SUMMER-SETTLING IN-Day-7

 I've just posted another update for my story on Jul.30.2014.

                                              MID SUMMER-SETTLING IN Day-6

I've just posted the sixth installment of Glen Harbor Legacy just today on Jul.28.2014.

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                                                              SUMMER ARRIVAL Day-1

    It was a calm clear sunny 1660 summer day in Glen Harbor when two shipwreck survivors found their way there and decided to claim the large empty residential lot they saw there near Garden House.It was a great deal bigger than anything they were expecting to be able to have in their old homeland or in the place
they'd briefly called home in their journey to get to North America to settle down in the town they would be calling home for generations and that their neighbors would call their home for generations.The first immigrants to arrive were originally Russian and left there to escape from severe overcrowding and a severe famine caused by crop failures.The people in their old country were starving and even wealthier ones had trouble finding food to eat.Their new hometown was to be a place of hope and give them a brighter future for their kids.

  Twelve year old Eli Jankowsky
arrived to the large empty lot
with her twelve year old husband Ami
Jankowsky and they both knew they had to work with this empty lot and start turning it into a great home to start their family in and to raise their kids.
 They had to look around and see what there was to work with on the lot and find a way to manage themselves and improve their lives until they got the house built and got themselves settled into their new lives.

Ami thought they should make sure they were correctly dressed for the current weather and for the current
season that they were dealing with.They packed things up into their household inventory and got themselves into clothing more appropriate for hot summer weather so they wouldn't overheat in clothing too heavy for a hot summer day.They both looked around at their lot and saw that it was big and had plenty of room for their house when they were ready to build a house and to get it furnished after it was done.Eli's first plan was for them to head over to the library to find books about gardening to read and learn about gardening before doing it.
  Eli and Ami both made it to the library and found some gardening skill books to read and began to study all
about gardening because they would need to be able to harvest from the local community gardens to sell the produce to the grocery store at Garden Market near the hospital.
 They unfortunately had to spend long hours studying gardening skill to gain their first skill points in it so they could work in the community gardens.It didn't look like they'd be making very much money that first day in Glen Harbor because they had arrived with no skills and needed to learn to garden.Eli decided to work at Garden House and would sell it later.

  Ami began to run towards the garden near the covered picnic park out by the hills and it was a long ways
off and he took a long time getting there.Eli also walked to the garden she was working in and hers was close by so she didn't take very long to get there and was able to start working sooner.She was already working on the fruit trees while Ami was still running to the garden he was working with.
  Eli and Ami couldn't remember when they first met because it was likely they'd met as babies and began playing together as toddlers.They also were growing up together as children and older kids who ended up getting married as nine year olds.

   Eli Jankowsky was working on the garden and had finished with the fruit trees and it was getting very hot
outside with the sun beating down on her head for the long hours she spent working on the garden.She was hoping that they could start earning money right away even if they did get much the first day out because they'd had to spend most of it studying and learning.
  She was also planning to have them spend the night at home if they could or at Garden Market if it got too late to get home and get themselves to bed.They both knew they wouldn't want to stay up very late at night because it would mean getting a late start on their new day.

  Ami Jankowsky finally made it to the garden where he wanted to work and it was already late in the day
and he didn't want to stay out all night trying to get everything harvested so he would just gather what he could and start heading back towards Garden Market to get his produce sold and earn the money he was supposed to earn from selling produce.
 Eli had also had a money tree to harvest from and that would help a lot in contributing towards their savings until they saved up at least 10000$ and could finally start building their house.The reason for them saving that much up to start with was because they would want furniture.

  Eli and Ami Jankowsky both got themselves to the grocery store and managed to get their produce sold for
cash.Ami only made 24$ while Eli managed to earn 250$ and extra from the money tree.They were both starving and wanted to eat at the diner though they couldn't afford that because they needed to have their house built and to have savings left over before they could do that.
  They never thought that way in the old country because they'd just be wanting to have something to eat and wouldn't care so much about having a place to live and get indoors when the weather turned cold like it often did when winter hit.

  It was already 7:30 when they both had to use the washrooms and ended up needing to find something to
eat after they got done with the washrooms and it was 8PM by then.
 They both took canned soup and decided to eat that for dinner before going to bed.They were both starving and looking for something to eat for dinner that night though it was going to be 9PM by the time they'd eaten and would be too late for them to get home and use their sleeping bags to sleep in that night.

  Eli found the bunks and decided to sleep there because it was already 9PM and she was tired out from the
hard day they ended up having that day.Ami was still washing up the soup bowls while Eli got into the top bunk and got herself to sleep.Ami was just a few minutes behind her in getting to bed and he took the lower bunk.
  Eli and Ami Jankowsky were spending their first night sleeping at the store lot instead of going home because they were too tired and it had gotten too late.


  Eli and Ami did manage to get up fine though their sleep came up a little short because they woke up before
they were fully rested to avoid sleeping in too late.They decided to get bowls of cereal for breakfast instead of eating at the diner since they needed to save everything for building their house.Eli decided to go to Garden House and work on that garden for the day since Ami was planning on working Garden Market.
  Ami was first to start work after he'd eaten his breakfast while Eli had to walk to Garden House before starting on her day's work in the garden.They were both interested in building as they earned the money.

  Ami got to work in the Garden Market garden and was still hoping that his sister might still be alive and well
somewhere in the world because the rest of the family was all dead.Eli was in the same situation and had no other family left and she knew that all of her family died off in the famine and she was lucky to have gotten out and managed to find passage to North America as a new settler with her husband Ami.
 They both intended to survive and to build better lives for their kids with their farming after they got the house built and were ready to start having children and raising the family.

  Eli and Ami both continued to work tirelessly through the day despite the awful heat which had forced them
to go barefoot and Ami to go topless while Eli wore simple summer clothing and was dressed very lightly.
 They kept up the hard work into the afternoon and evening before they had to use washrooms and eat dinner after selling the produce to the store.They were also having to harvest money trees and would make well over 1000$ that day which would get into their house savings fund.

    It was already 7PM when Ami arrived at their home lot and got things cleaned up to get to bed in his sleeping bag.Eli was still on her way home and would be arriving very soon herself.
 Ami knew that he'd be asleep by 7:30 in the evening while Eli was not too far behind.He gladly cleaned up the mess on his lot since they both owned the lot and it wasn't exactly like the old days except that they were still sleeping outdoors in sleeping bags.

  Eli arrived just after 7PM and was almost ready to get into her own sleeping bag and get to sleep by 7:30 and she knew it was likely going to happen because she was already home.
 This wasn't much different than what they were dealing with in the old days other than they had no real home and no hope of being able to have a real home of any kind.They were still having to sleep out doors in sleeping bags even though they owned the lot they were sleeping on.

 Eli Jankowsky got into her sleepwear and got into the sleeping bag by 7:30 and they were both asleep soon after that because they were both very tired and wanting to rest.
 The hours passed by quickly while they were asleep and there was about to be a late night visitor stopping by to investigate their home.

 The lot got visited by an alien who wanted to scan a few things and was only there for an hour before leaving in their space ship.

             SUMMER ARRIVAL-Day-3

  Eli and Ami Jankowsky both got up early in the morning on that third summer morning in Glen Harbor to
find another hot clear and sunny summer day for working in the gardens at their usual places.They also knew that waking up in sleeping bags out in the open was just something they had to put up with until they got enough saved up for their house construction to get started.They planned on working hard in the gardens to earn enough for their improvements to their lot so they could start a family and raise their children.They would be planning on getting part-time jobs to keep themselves busy before they were ready for the family life.

  Eli and Ami both went to Garden House to get themselves ready for the coming day and to eat breakfast
before starting to work on the gardens and harvesting to sell produce to the grocery store as they usually did at the end of their working day.Ami did have to get himself to Garden market to start working on that garden and get that produce harvested and sold to the grocery store.They both ended up eating cold bowls of cereal for breakfast because that's what they could have from the community fridges and they'd have to wait until they saved up enough to start building their house and could use a fridge of their own to get food from.
  Eli went right out to the garden behind
behind Garden House and got to work on the smaller plants first and it started getting a lot hotter as she was working on the garden and getting the produce harvested from the fruit trees.She kept working hard for hours and stuck with it until she got the smaller plants done and could move onto the fruit trees and get them harvested.
  She had spent hours working on the garden and Ami was also working on the garden at Garden Market and getting his work done there.They were both working very hard to get the gardening done on their designated workplaces before having to quit for
the evening because they really wanted to get enough saved up to be able to afford their house and to still have savings left over after spending on the house and the furniture they would need inside the house to be able to live there.Ami was working on harvesting the fruit trees by the afternoon and wanted to get that done as early in the afternoon as he could.
  Ami was almost done when he started to feel a bit ill and thought he might have a touch of the flu.It meant they wouldn't be camping out on their lot though they could still go check on it.
 Eli finished her work in the garden and
had to take care of having her shower and getting to their lot to clean up the old newspapers before checking for the bills and paying them if there were any to be paid.She started heading for Garden Market after she was done to get her produce sold and to get the cash for the work while Ami was also finished and used a washroom and showered before eating dinner while Eli was also eating a bowl of soup for dinner.Ami had to tell Eli about having the flu and she decided that they would just stay there for the night instead of heading home and making Ami worse.
  This was going to remind them of the
many cold nights where they'd had to mooch places to stay that were warm and indoors in the old days before they left their old country.Things didn't get much better in the new place because the trouble was affecting all of Europe and it wasn't localized to one part of Europe.They finally had lodgings and could usually eat though it wasn't enough and the lodgings were very expensive and they were struggling to just survive there so they decided to try getting onto a colony ship to North America and they got lucky to have a chance though their ship got caught in a hurricane and got shipwrecked.
  Eli and Ami both selected a bunk bed to sleep in for the night and they were grateful for the chance to sleep indoors for a few nights though they were planning to buy a tent for their lot to use until their house was built.They were in bed by 8PM.


  Eli and Ami both got up early in the morning and quickly became aware that it was the fourth day of
summer and that their old lives were over and the new life was starting for them.Eli got into the upstairs washroom and got herself ready for the day while Ami had to go downstairs and use the washroom there.They both knew that the kitchen sink was broken and spraying water everywhere and nobody could fix it until somebody learned some repair skills.
  Ami planned on spending his day studying and learning new skills because he was sick with the flu and couldn't do the gardening like he usually did when he wasn't sick.
  Eli was eating breakfast and Ami had
already eaten his breakfast and none of them were washing their dishes because of the broken sink.They decided to try to learn how to fix the broken sink and get the puddle mopped up though they decided they'd have to try to move to Garden House to work there even though Ami was only going to be studying to learn new skills which was a form of work.It didn't take them very long to get to Garden House and to get to work on their own tasks which meant harvesting produce for Eli and studying for Ami for a few days until he got over his flu.
  Ami ended up sitting outside to study
which might not be the best thing for his flu though it was fine if he wasn't very active because he was only studying.Eli was working on the garden at this time and getting a lot harvested though their earnings would be less with only one selling produce and earning money.
  They were both hoping to have more money very soon though it might not happen as fast as they'd hoped for if they kept on getting sick.They kept on working on their tasks until very late in the afternoon and they were also looking for the chance to learn new skills after the sink breaking.
  Eli and Ami were done with their
work by 6:30 in the evening and were trying to get done with the washrooms and eating dinner before getting into bed by 8PM though Eli was now sick and Ami had just gotten over his flu.
 He couldn't wait to get back to work and make sure one of them was still earning money and that was why he needed to get a good night's sleep.

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HOME                                          GLEN HARBOR LEGACY INTRO-PT-1                                  CHAPTERS

Here's the story of Glen Harbor settled in 1660 located near Maryland as it was being colonized by settlers looking for better lives after being hit by big famines in Europe.

Here's the blank lot where the first settlers will end up living when they arrive in town to start their new lives after they ended up being shipwrecked.

 Here's where Glen Harbor's Garden House is going to be built when it's finished.

  Here's what Garden House looks like after the construction got done on it.

   Here's another shot of Garden House show in a full view with the whole building showing.

  Here's where my first founding family in the town is to live when they've moved into town and started their new lives.

 Here's the lot after I finished adding whatever was needed on the lot.

  Here's the site of the Garden Market where they'll be selling the produce they harvested from the community gardens for cash to pay for the construction of their houses.
 This is the beginning of a new legacy for the new settlers in Glen Harbor.This is the Glen Harbor's town Hall where they'll go to take care of civic matters.

 Here's the basement of Garden Market where the rabbit holes are located.

Here's the main floor of Glen harbor's main public library.

  Here's the nice gazebo park in Glen Harbor where locals can enjoy picnics.

   Here's the Glen Harbor Open Air Community Garden.

 Here's the Glen Harbor Public Beach.