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Here's the story of Glen Harbor settled in 1660 located near Maryland as it was being colonized by settlers looking for better lives after being hit by big famines in Europe.

Here's the blank lot where the first settlers will end up living when they arrive in town to start their new lives after they ended up being shipwrecked.

 Here's where Glen Harbor's Garden House is going to be built when it's finished.

  Here's what Garden House looks like after the construction got done on it.

   Here's another shot of Garden House show in a full view with the whole building showing.

  Here's where my first founding family in the town is to live when they've moved into town and started their new lives.

 Here's the lot after I finished adding whatever was needed on the lot.

  Here's the site of the Garden Market where they'll be selling the produce they harvested from the community gardens for cash to pay for the construction of their houses.
 This is the beginning of a new legacy for the new settlers in Glen Harbor.This is the Glen Harbor's town Hall where they'll go to take care of civic matters.

 Here's the basement of Garden Market where the rabbit holes are located.

Here's the main floor of Glen harbor's main public library.

  Here's the nice gazebo park in Glen Harbor where locals can enjoy picnics.

   Here's the Glen Harbor Open Air Community Garden.

 Here's the Glen Harbor Public Beach.


  Here's the story of Glen Harbor's birth into a new town and a new colonial settlement in the area of what is the state of Maryland near where the Chesapeake Bay is located.The town is full of opportunities for new immigrants coming to settle in a new land and looking to start over with new lives.

    Here's twelve year old Eli Jankowsky looking to settle down in Glen Harbor with her twelve year old husband Ami.

   This is twelve year old Ami Jankowsky and he was born in 1648 like his wife Eli who kept her last name while he changed his to Jankowsky when they got married.

    Eli and Ami Jankowsky were both eager to get to their new homeland and start their new lives in a new colony when they would face the biggest challenge of their lives after getting shipwrecked near Glen Harbor and having to make that their new home.They both looked foreward to starting over with a brand new town and being the first town founders also sounded very exciting to them.

     Ami Jankowsky was also excited to be able to settle down and looked foreward to playing homemaker and taking care of the children when they started their family.He was going to carry on the old tradition of being the caregiver for the tiny tots when they started the family.

               GLEN HARBOR-CHAPTER-1



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  1. 1660 with cars and swimming pools? lol.This is far from a historical game play.They're clothing does not fit the time period either.

    I anonymously lurk the boards and notice you commenting to people about their lack of accuracy or you make a comment about historical game plays, I'm sorry but if you want people to take your comments seriously, you should try to be accurate yourself.This is the year 1660? There would be no roads.Also they would not have slides, swing sets or swimming pools either.And they're clothing would be completely different.Sorry, but if someone was looking for a historical gameplay story, this wouldn't be it.Its an interesting build challenge, but you shouldn't be commenting "I'm historical to" or giving advice on improving other people's historic game plays when yours wouldn't even fall into a historical category.